There is No Reason For People of Color to Trust.....

09 Jan 2021 10:59 - 09 Jan 2021 10:59 #388190 by ketchim

maccoshus wrote: Run! from whom? You?

No yuh dumb skunt ! RUN from knowledge of DNA vs mRNA
Your handlers cannot revoke them "ole fashion" DNA ??
whaddabout yuh conspiracy LINKS ?

hahahahahahaha :whistle:
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09 Jan 2021 11:43 - 09 Jan 2021 11:44 #388191 by maccoshus
what is this a science class? are you a science teacher? you are not. you are a fake science person, whatever science you know is establishment science and I can demonstrate what real scientists have done to and with establishment science

the point is the vaccines are fake and dangerous to human health. and a person of your class and social status has no basis in experience, in life, no heritage that underpins your total confidence in what your enemies have made for you.

the confidence you have in vaccines can be of only one source basis and reason. you have sold out for money and now push in these pagers and likely elsewhere, Fauci's vaccines unconditionally.

you want me to answer you...yet I have posted so many questions about the vaccines that are legit and you have ignored them all or tried to berate them. what sort of intellectual activity is what you do. you are not open minded at all.

and now you have changed your attitude from the angry censorship you brought shutting me down to one of patience and seeming liberalism. that is a fake scam to try to make me make an ass of myself to your seeming balance.

but you made the jackass and totally stupid Chairman lock down my thread...a perfectly legit thread full of real information that everyone checked into. you made the chairman stab his own self because no on is going to come here at all now to post because you are here shutting down what you don't like...angry, morose, jealous and noisy, unhappy that others are doing better than you, until you get the chairman to censor posters.

that is what you are...a dictator, an undemocratic, jealous, deceitful and bad-minded person who tormented this pages until you got the chairman to lock down my thread...a thread that had brought a lot of notice to his board for the first in a long time.

that is you...which is why I refer to you as garbage...all the while you are pushing another man's point of view and existential interest as your own over the people on this board. at the very least you are supposed to represent you own existential interest and social reality. that is who you are supposed to be. and you are a Muslim too...a man who should be in his own interest which would make you a totally different person than you are... a dam traitor

I loved Malcolm X..one of the very greatest of all americans in my estimation. and I felt the same way about MLK even though I am not religious at all. and Farakhan as well. sound men. but they made Islam into something relevant in the modern world, useful, practical...through which people could make could make good lives directly, despite being opposed to the status quo

look at you in the opposite, a total mickey mouse sellout and traitor, coming here encouraging your own class cohort and people to commit suicide by going to take a vaccine you yourself said you will not take.

you are so disgusting I am shocked. in fact I am done with this board right now. period. I thought we would set up the situation with solid evidence all the way you and I, all sides of the equation from which we would make the obvious and essential conclusions regardless and move on.

I never dreamt that you would be such a childish, low level nonsense intellect, talking shit propaganda all the time. thought I would be able to do real work here that's why I came back and held out so long. after all we are west indian.

a waste of time it is. let the chairman keep my membership whatever use it is to him. maybe he can eat it if he is hungry and there is a shortage of food in the shops
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09 Jan 2021 11:49 - 09 Jan 2021 14:50 #388192 by ketchim

maccoshus wrote: Chairman lock down my thread...a perfectly legit thread full of real information
that everyone checked into..

You are god damn DELUSIONAL
A thread fraudulenty titled peppered with FALSE information
coupled with your notorious conspiracy theory LINKS

I checked into it as did everyone and checked back out after realising :
IT was a MISLEADING thread filled with Cow SHIT !
a trini term you may understand !
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08 Apr 2021 20:57 - 08 Apr 2021 20:58 #389695 by ketchim

maccoshus wrote:

ketchim wrote: RUN, maccoshus, RUN !

and while panting fuh breath, repeat "mRNA", mRNA !!

Run! from whom? You?

Oh well! a person must think well of themselves especially when no one else does..

no ! the point is when you run into a pile of shit on the sidewalk, you must make room to pass by without getting stained.

you cannot recognize when you are being ignored for uselessness. I spoke to you recently to prove a few points.

those points demonstrated there is no reason at all to notice you anymore, no matter how noisy you get

Oh boy, Mapoui gone Tobago and never see all the Vaccines in Arms ???
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