Charrandass Persaud on Harmon

11 Feb 2021 17:53 #389004 by chairman
Joe Harmon in his letter to the Indian High Commissioner His Excellency Dr. Shrinivasa, is a display of his ignorance and stupidity. In his letter (posted here) he has objected to my appointment as Guyana's High Commisonner HC to India and offered his limited knowledge of our Parliamentary System Guyana as a reason. Harmon said I disappointed the people who elected me and descibe them as my constituents. Guyana does not have a Constituency basis of election where a member of Parliament is voted in to Parliament to represent a particular area. Guyanese vote for a party and that part has a list of persons selected by the leader and executives of the party to be on the list. I was selected not elected. He described my action as Treasonous and that clearly shows that he does not know the meaning of the word Treasonous. I was exonerated by the CCJ. My action was legal, appropriate and Constitutionally allowed. Harmon should look at his lies to the nation, his attempt to steal an Election, his efforts to continue peddling his lies and trying to convinced his supporters that the collation won the 2020 Election and his sqandering of State funds and laying off thousands of sugar workers allowing people to starve.Those could amount to treasonous acts and are evident that Harmon is unfit to be a leader.

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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12 Feb 2021 20:12 #389038 by ketchim
Six game love for Harmon
Bang that domino on the board Charandass ! lol

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