Londoner cycles to Rupununi in six days

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FROM the very first time he came to Guyana and took the bus to Lethem from Georgetown, Luke McKenna of London, England, told his friend that he would in future like to make the trip with his cycle. Much to his delight a few days ago, he was able to complete the journey in six days.
Having cycled in this manner in various countries across the world, McKenna told the Guyana Chronicle recently that this is something he thoroughly enjoys doing. Having to make the trip to Lethem on a dirt road was especially challenging, but he nevertheless went ahead to do it.
“I really enjoyed the nature and wildlife. The last day was the biggest day with about 140 kilometres; it was a long day and the savannah was blistering,” Mc Kenna said, adding that he saw
McKenna was able to take in exciting sights of nature and wildlife along the way

such animals as snakes (venomous and non-venomous), monkeys, agoutis, tapirs, armadillos, insects and even fresh jaguar poo on the trail.
His friends were all there at Lethem ready to welcome him and celebrate the success of his journey. “I always knew that I was going to make it. The only thing that would’ve stopped me is if something broke on my bicycle.”

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