Minister Walrond calls out Coalition

25 Feb 2021 12:02 #389284 by chairman
TOURISM, Industry, and Commerce Minister Oneidge Walrond on Wednesday called out the coalition opposition for “radicalising and racialising” the budget debate which is supposed to be about policy. Minister Walrond said the PPP/C administration is about inclusive governance, regardless of race.
Citing herself as an example, the minister noted that her family’s connection to the People’s National Congress was no secret. Growing up, the minister said it was the only philosophy she knew. “Yet the leaders of the PPP/C when considering what their government will look like and who should have a say in defining and implementing its policies, chose me despite the political connections of my family and despite the fact that I had never before even dreamed of being involved in politics. This, Mr. Speaker, speaks to the core and the DNA of a President, a party and a philosophy that cannot credibly be held out to be racist and non-inclusive,” the minister stated during her presentation in support of Budget 2021.

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