$500M road repairs among developments for Region One

26 Apr 2021 11:14 #389817 by chairman
THE Ministry of Public Works will be advancing some $500 million into the rehabilitation of internal road networks in Barima-Waini, Region One.
Regional Chairman Brentnol Ashley said the 2021 national budget has catered for a range of developments in the agricultural, education, health, and infrastructure sectors. This, he said, is in keeping with the PPP/C administration’s promise of improving citizens’ quality of life.
“That tells volume to the government’s commitment to bringing development to the people of Region One, regardless of where they live. The government and the RDC are very committed to ensuring that the gaps are closed, that bridges are built, so that people can feel a sense of prosperity, wherever they are,” he told the Department of Public Information (DPI) recently.
In the education sector, the chairman said the Tasawinini community in the Matarkai sub-district will soon have a school, which will allow children from satellite villages to access education closer to their homes.

“Prior to this project, children had to go to a number of miles to Matthews Ridge, et cetera, so education is becoming more accessible to the children across the region.”
The region is also gearing for major developments in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Ashley said students have been learning virtually since the pandemic began. To this end, smart classrooms will be established to further advance the education programme.
Concerning health services in the region, the chairman said upgrading of the Mabaruma Regional Hospital to a smart hospital is already underway. Several specialists including surgeons, gynaecologists and internal medicine physicians have already been assigned to the institution. Doctors will also be placed in communities such as White Water, Yarakita, Manawarin and Waramuri in the Moruca sub-region and Arakaka in the Matarkai sub-region.

Ashley added that the region has been allocated a substantial sum of money for the agricultural sector.
The programme for this year will include investments in large-scale poultry rearing at the Santa Rosa, Port Kaituma and North West Secondary Schools. A Regional Agriculture Department will also be established to support farmers in the region.
Meanwhile, Ashley said Barima-Waini has been able to successfully reduce the number of COVID-19 cases which had skyrocketed last year.
“We are very grateful because of our hardworking frontline staff, whether Joint Services, community leaders and health workers, we were able to fight and reduce COVID drastically,” he said.
He said the few positive cases are being monitored.

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