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19 Jul 2021 14:06 #390887 by Billy Shatine

Timesnownews.com reports: More than 80 journalists from 17 media organizations will be outing sensational revelations in the coming days. The outrage is boiling over, the central question is clear: How much of what’s ours secretly belongs to the Big Tech-Big Daddy axis?

“This is nasty software — like eloquently nasty,” Timothy Summers, a former cybersecurity engineer at a U.S. intelligence agency and now director of IT at Arizona State University, told The Washington Post. “With it “one could spy on almost the entire world population. …

There’s not anything wrong with building technologies that allows you to collect data; it’s necessary sometimes. But humanity is not in a place where we can have that much power just accessible to anybody,” Summers told the Post.

“If we do not take back our ownership rights from software companies and overreaching governments, we will become digital peasants, only able to use our smart devices, our homes, our cars, and even our own software-enabled medical implants purely at the whim of others,” writes Joshua A.T. Fairfield in “Owned: Property, Privacy, and the New Digital Serfdom”.

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