World of Warcraft: Shadowlands,many players are already plagued by boredom

05 Jun 2021 01:50 #390251 by rodeoneerer
The worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/shadowlandsWorld of Warcraft: Shadowlands content drought is still going on for a while. Patch 9.1 Chains of Dominion is slowly on the horizon, but many players are already plagued by boredom. The raid is over, mythical dungeons are exhausted and many have even earned their coveted anima rewards.

Shadowlands brings with it that classic New Expansion feeling that has accompanied almost every iteration since 2007’s The Burning Crusade. There are new lands to explore! New quests! New challenges! There’s always been some inherent pull like that at the beginning of expansion cycles, even if the expansions themselves turn out to have lackluster or boring endgames.

For years now, players have tackled World of Warcraft in a number of ways. PvE, PvP, Pokemon-esque mount and creature collecting, achievement hunting, and grinding faction reputation for cosmetic rewards have all been par for the course. Virtually none of that has changed in Shadowlands. Not that it really needed to. But aside from the introduction of Torghast, a rougelite dungeon experience introduced after the initial level grind, there’s surprisingly little else to separate the last week of World of Warcraft and the last eight or so years.

And just because patch 9.1 is finally coming doesn't mean that Shadowlands has gotten through its problems. Because in the coming months the problem is only likely to become even more serious. Blizzard has to decide how to handle "the rest" of Shadowlands. Both possibilities are not exactly rosy.

There are some tedious tasks here and there, but that’s always a part of the MMO experience. The new environments pull a lot of weight in terms of making everything feel fresh.

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