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27 Jul 2021 22:20 - 28 Jul 2021 08:11 #391267 by Billy Shatine
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27 Jul 2021 22:29 - 27 Jul 2021 22:30 #391269 by Billy Shatine

Permanent “lethargy syndrome” and long-term loss of motor skills now common “side-effects” of Covid-19 vaccines

(Natural News) Plain and simple, lethargy is a lack of enthusiasm and energy, but what causes it? It could just be normal response to stress, overworking, lack of a good night’s rest, or even lack of nutrition. Everyone is familiar with feeling sluggish and weak, but not permanently, immediately following inoculation with the Covid-19 vaccines. This is different. After a few weeks, and several doctor visits, nobody seems to be able to figure out what’s wrong, and that’s because the “science is settled” on vaccines, though not really at all.

Just because you say a slogan over and over doesn’t make it true. The Covid vaccines are very far from “safe and effective.” They’re outright dangerous and detrimental to health, including normal daily functioning. For example, motor skills are something most of us just take for granted on a daily basis, like standing, walking, climbing stairs, balancing, coordinating, reacting and so on. This would include gross motor skills and fine motor skills, but what if you suddenly lost many of these abilities, right after getting jabbed with these so-called “safe and effective” experimental concoctions?
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27 Jul 2021 22:40 #391270 by Billy Shatine
For the 2 Super Spreaders On Board the Diaspora!

Return of the masks: CDC will release new guidance TODAY recommending fully vaccinated Americans wear masks indoors if they live in COVID hot spots

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will recommend on Tuesday that vaccinated Americans should wear masks indoors in COVID-19 hotspots.

It is a reversal of the decision the CDC made on May 13, which state fully vaccinated people were safe to unmask indoors in a majority of situations.

Americans who live areas with high virus transmission rates will be expected to mask up indoors, sources told CNBC.

While the CDC hasn't released specific information on what it considers hot spots, a DailyMail.com analysis of Johns Hopkins data shows that cases of the virus are increasing rapidly in states such as Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri and Texas

The CDC's recommendations are not binding - and no states are required to listen to the agency - but guidance often informs policy decisions made across the country at the state and local levels.

The new guidance comes as cases across the United States are growing once again due to the highly contagious Indian 'Delta' variant.

Over the past month, the average new daily cases across the country have increased by 376 percent, from 11,887 on June 26 to 56,635 on July 26.

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28 Jul 2021 08:39 #391274 by Billy Shatine


Israeli Data Suggests Protection From Vaccines Drops Down to Nothing After Just 6 Months (Just 16% Benefit)
Taking the mRNA side-effects lottery...for six months of partial protection from a strong flu

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28 Jul 2021 10:25 - 28 Jul 2021 10:25 #391283 by Billy Shatine
lets begin to get a little more serious and dig a bit! here Trinnidaddio..INVESTIGATE ALETHO NEWS!
and while you are at that investigate Rixey as well

Who Watches The Watchmen? – Fauci’s “Noble Lie” Exposed
By Charles Rixey, MA, MBA | Prometheus Shrugged | July 22, 2021
More than 100K pages of FOIA documents referenced here have been condensed into 173 pages of the most relevant selections in my appendix Prometheus Shrugged. It was here, last February, that the role of Dr. Fauci in ongoing academic censorship of COVID’s origin was first exposed.

A chronological narrative of the events described throughout my research will included in a forthcoming volume of DRASTIC’s set of published collections of evidence.

The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once wrote that truth goes through 3 stages:

1st, it is ridiculed; 2nd, it is violently opposed; and 3rd, it is accepted as being self-evident

Guess what’s next for us?

Six months ago, I began my first article on scientific censorship during COVID-19 by introducing Dr. Fauci as a surprise character that had emerged unexpectedly while digging through what was then 83,000 FOIA emails, published by US Right-to-Know over the course of the last year:

[see files related to Ralph Baric, Linda Saif, Rita Colwell, Colorado State/Rocky Mountain National Laboratory & the NCBI; other FOIA releases from Judicial Watch, Buzzfeed & the Washington Post include NIH funding of the WIV & Dr. Fauci’s emails]

I’ve been trying for quite some time to get people to understand the full scope of the Dr. Fauci ‘situation,’ but it’s clear that segments of our national leadership are preventing an honest and open inquiry into his actions because they fear the backlash/collateral damage that will result from the tarnishing of their sacred cow. It’s time Americans were told the truth – that the grant money sent to the Wuhan Institute of Virology [WIV] is merely a footnote in this narrative.

After all, Dr. Fauci controls nearly $4 billion of annual grant funding for the NIAID, the institute within the NIH he has directed since 1984; over 37 years, more than 50,000 research projects have been supported with more than $50 billion [conservatively] of taxpayer funds have been doled out to them.
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28 Jul 2021 12:14 - 28 Jul 2021 12:15 #391293 by TRINI_DADDY
Read slowly, Billy, because you seem very confused as to how you've been brainwashed.

Your first link is from LifeSiteNews, a propaganda outlet started and/or funded by ultra-conservative, Christian-fundamentalist billionaires, most notably Canada's New Reform Party, which is a libertarian party started by the super rich.

Do you understand what libertarianism is? Libertarianism is an extreme form of laissez faire capitalism. It seeks to abolish government, (no corporate tax, no regulations etc), with the state existing only to legally guarantee property rights. With no laws forced upon corporations, landowners or the wealthy, libertarians believe a kind of "capitalist utopia" will then flourish. In reality, such policies lead to a situation akin to feudal Japan, with corporations taking the place of warlords, and civilians taking the place of serfs, but of course such a situation is extremely profitable to the super wealthy.

So do you understand why the super rich are typically libertarians? Do you understand why free-market fundamentalists have a vested interest in pushing propaganda and lies which seeks to undermine public health institutions?

Now LifeSiteNews has a history of talking crap. It bashes contraception, climate change, homosexuality, cloning, condoms, rock music, abortion...all the usual conservative things. It also regularly lets far-right authors write articles for it.

Long before covid, fact-checking website Snopes described LifeSiteNews (in 2016) as "a known purveyor of misleading information". Journalist Paul Moses wrote that the site "feigns journalistic accuracy, but misleads through omission". The Canadian Anti-Hate Network described the website as a "Christian version of [the anti-Muslim website] Breitbart".

Political Research Associates analyst Heron Greenesmith categorized LifeSiteNews as a member of the "Christian-right ecosystem" and stated that its "coverage is so slanted that anyone relying on it would be terribly misled on what science shows."

LifeSiteNews regularly publishes conspiracy theories. The site has published misleading claims about Barrack Obama (birth certificate lies), Martin Luther King, Donald Trump (antifa stormed the Capitol!) and which promote Qanon conspiracies, and the idea that "Jews are behind a New World Order".

Billy, why are you concerned about "the Illuminati wanting to genocide ordinary people", but always linking to websites started by billionaire Christian fundamentalists, libertarians and conservatives? Are you religious? Are you a conservative? Are you a free market fundamentalist? Do you believe in Qanon? Are you a Trump fan?

Okay, lets forget about LifeSiteNews, and look at the actual content of their article. They are talking about a report by the HART Group which "proves that vaccinations kill people" . Wow, that is mind-blowing news!

But who are the HART Group? They are an anti-vax group started by millionaire Narice Bernard, Anna Rayner - a "holistic healer" who believes magical diamonds and fairies cures diseases - and billionaire aristocrat, libertarian activist and banker Baron Bernie de Haldevang. The group exists to lobby politicians to end lockdowns, and promote wacky alternative treatments such as ivermectin and vitamin D baths, and the idea that covid vaccines make you "magnetic"..

Again, ask yourself why every website you link is funded by mega-rich conservative libertarians, Billy? Conservatives and libertarians are by definition dumbasses. Do you really think they have "secret information", or are they simply looking to secure their profits? Do you really believe covid makes you magnetic, or that magical diamonds cures illnesses? Because these HART guys do.

Anyway, HART and LifeSiteNews go on to support the belief that vaccines cause "death spikes" via a youtube video. This youtube video simply shows mortality rates over time, and uses ominous music to trick its audience into a panic. But the death spikes the video shows - an old Facebook meme which has repeatedly been debunked by actual scientists - are not "because of the vaccines", but because of the normal exponential growth in infections, combined with the age and co-morbidities of those first vaccinated. Had the vaccines not been injected, the number of deaths would have been a lot higher, as the stats of every nation reveals. Indeed, this graph debunks its own point- had the vaccine caused these immediate deaths, about 70 percent of the US and UK would be dead right now.

But these videos and websites aren't aimed at people who think, or who can read. They're aimed at un-educated people, conservatives, and religious or free-market fundamentalists, which is to say, total dumbasses.

The other sites you linked are similarly moronic (Natural News is an anti-science, alt-right, laughing stock which pushes silly conspiracies - example: windmills cause climate change! the government spreads Zika virus via genetically engineered mosquitoes! - and is owned by an con-artist called Michael Adams), and I bet I can find the libertarian millionaire bankrolling each.

You say you're "concerned about the conspiracies of the wealthy" Billy, but you shill for them hard.

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28 Jul 2021 12:32 - 28 Jul 2021 13:15 #391297 by Billy Shatine
It is you who must read slowly. you are more immature that you think...and I thought!

first! life is dialectical and for everything that exists there are many sides, relative and contemporaneous, running at the same time. In all and everything that exists, that is happening, can be taken for any of its sides and aspects that are apparent and factual, usable at the same time

and in awareness of this we can see the relativity the interpenetration of everything that is going on all the time. which is why we must know out own existential interest, our self interest, so that in the mix that can be confusing we can wend our way through and still come out always in representation of our own best interests

I posted up those sites so that what is consistent with my best interests can be extracted and used to promote my own best interests, our best interest as a social class of people distinct from others by class...NOT THAT YOU WOULD TAKE THE WHOLE DAM SITE FOR YOUR OWN AND EAT IT UP WHOLE AS WELL !!!

I know to whom the sites belong and what they are doing at the same time. and if you know what I am about you would know that I don't care for those who own the sites at all. I am not promoting them in the least. only an ignorant fool would look at it that way

why don't you go out and gorge yourself on any dam food you see. it looks nice! tastes nice! so gorge then!

then you found out that the cheese had protein which is good for you but it has ingredients that you are allergic to that almost killed you. you find out that even the protein from cows milk comes encased in fat that can give you heart attack....

that's life! we must discover what is involved always and wend our ways through the dialectical minefield of existence, directed by our own best interests! consistent with the knowledge of life we have developed so far.

and that also wends itself down into how we got here, the social class interests that evolved and dominated, and what they have made of the world. we know that evolution, that in it there has been massive exploitation of the ordinary people but as it developed it the evolution has created consuming social paradoxes that results in world wars, genocides and all manner of horrendous actualities and dangers to and for humanity. we also know that the continuation of such as our evolution has been has brought us to this stage at which humanity's weapons are so evolved and developed that our very existence is now on the line...every minute of every day we are still here until we resolve our social class/economic organizational issues

we have come to understand the process of social evolution and the function of each social class as we have evolved to this point. and from that we know what those who dominate society want. they want the continuation of their power and we know that given the way society is, they only way they can have that is to do what Huxley and Orwell suggest in their great books

at the same time we have come to know what the ordinary people can do to save themselves and by further development we have come to know that what the ordinary want and need is totally consistent with the survival of humanity itself...NOT WHAT THE RICH WANT AND NEED!


you have to read and understand you impse! read and understand. you have to know the dialectical nature of existence. all of that is simple...we know it naturally from life itself long before you got to university. university made you forget reality. correct yourself

i got to go. I will come back to this later. lets see where we can get to with this then
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28 Jul 2021 13:00 #391299 by Billy Shatine
what I asked you to take is what we are talking about currently, what s concern to us all in the world..whether the vaccines are a genocidal weapon being used against the ordinary people of the world or is it not

I am on the genocidal weapon side. you are not but we must be open minded as we so that we can reason out the situation properly and conclude when we can

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28 Jul 2021 13:08 - 28 Jul 2021 13:11 #391301 by Billy Shatine
there are conservative Blogs, right wing Blogs that are anti vaccination as well. when they are, they are on my side. when they are racist and right wing they are not

I write on the Unz review all the time but I do not agree with the principle of that Blog. but the publisher of that Blog Ron Unz, is a brilliant man, a Khazar Jew who is always dispassionately analytical and does not let anything make him deter from such a course

I blast that site as racist and it is. but it is not a crazy site, a useless site at all. it is a high quality site and I have linked to that site.

that site is there for all to see. you no doubt would investigate that site and conclude as you have, but you are missing the point period. I go there for the value of the information I get there that helps me, for the opportunity to criticize uncensored period!

that Blog! right wing or not is very useful. and I benefit from going there. it is the very same with a lot of those right wing blogs that I have linked to, but not all! there are others I use simply for the occasions on which they support my point of view: I go there and take what I want and leave the rest
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