Bible Boogies!

28 Jul 2021 08:28 - 28 Jul 2021 08:33 #391273 by Billy Shatine
They Took the Bible and glorify it unconscionably, made of it a Nancy story of universal proportions, then set it up as the historical means and measurements by which they do research to prove the Bible out.

but that is nonsense, a deliberate paradox! who is going to arrive at any historical truth that way?

no one that's who!

the Bible must be tossed, set down as a historical fact as a book of fantasy, put on the shelf as a fact of reference described as such...FANTASY! THEN RESEARCH TAKES AGAIN, OF FREE FROM, AND NO LONGER FETTERED BY INACCURATE BIBLICAL NONSENSE!

then we would get to the bottom of such issues...indeed all historical issues in which the Bible is no used as focal


"Was King David a Nomad? New Theory Sparks Storm Among Israeli Archaeologists

A top Israeli archaeologist has sparked bitter debate with a controversial theory suggesting that there really was a great Israelite monarchy ruled by the kings David and Solomon, after all. The new hypothesis contrasts with the prevailing theory in mainstream scholarship, that even if such rulers existed, they were monarchs of a tiny backwater.

The proposed new paradigm adds to the ceaseless discussion on how much of the Bible is a true story, much of which has focused on the fabled “United Monarchy” and its semi-mythological rulers in the early Iron Age (or early First Temple period, if one prefers a refence to the biblical chronology)".
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