Investigate! Investigate! The French Poured Shit on Macrons' House

28 Jul 2021 11:29 - 28 Jul 2021 11:30 #391286 by Billy Shatine

Video was doctored, but viral tweets suggesting Macron was worshipped on arrival in French Polynesia remain.

By Paul Joseph Watson | Summit News | July 27, 2021
Multiple mainstream journalists spread fake news based on a doctored video to suggest that French President Emmanuel Macron was so loved on his arrival in French Polynesia that he was completely smothered in garland necklaces.

Turns out the entire thing was a scam based on a hoax video, but many journalists have refused to delete their viral tweets.

“On Monday, Illuminati Reptilien, a French satirical Twitter account known for the creation of doctored video shorts, posted an eight-second video of officials in French Polynesia officials draping the president in traditional garland necklaces,” reports Sputnik. “The final seconds of the video show Macron standing alongside other officials totally covered in flowers from his head down to his knees.”

So they went and poured shit on his house!
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