And More Coming Down From the Suicide Cults

24 Aug 2021 16:16 - 24 Aug 2021 20:14 #392436 by Billy Shatine
Quote: "You do NOT have any answers

Your modus operandi is dependent on LINKS of Conspiracy Theorists

TD pointed out you just RAMBLE....hahahahaha"

And you do have answers, the answers! You and Trinny dah do! That is what you have been posting-up all along haven't you... the answers!

I do not understand then: if you have the answers, have been posting up the answers all the time, why do you bother with me? you don't need me at all in that event...posting up answers! all the people on the board should be following you 2, leaving me in futility here, talking to myself: or not even posting for I would have no audience.

who has answers to Covid? who is posting up answers anywhere? who has a proper vaccine all vetted, properly tested and ready to go?

I have put out and up in all I have posted solid, creative, original posts, reasons why for example I would not trust those who made the vaccines: because I have traditionally been a victim of theirs. so have you! and skunt daddy been traditional victims of theirs, and so you two have no reason to trust them at all! yet there you are, up in their corner.

Incredibly traitorous that! and self inflicted harm by the company you keep. suicidal!

Is/was that a ramble? not an answer? incredible not credible?

By what you posted above Stretchim and that I quoted, you prove that you are an idiot. That is a most stupid, illogical, mentally unable and incompetent statement of all the crap you have spoken here on this issue.

if you have been doing all you imply you have no need to engage me at all. so why don't you kerry on man! and leave me alone in your process?

Is it because I am still your own worst enemy by speaking the truth I see about you! that you are a fake and a traitor, a sell out of your own people, who when it got too hot here you ran to call Wifan to join up in attack on me...Wifan of all people, who was never able to establish any kind of comparison with me, far less superiority.

and look here right now! how haven't you both put distance between both of you and I, as I have argued on this post?

Ramble my arse! look my threads right there for all to read. let them tell me I ramble and did not put together a properly constructed comment on both you two fools, who cant even see when they are beaten, defeated.
you are stuck in defeat, clear to everyone else but you, yet think you have won.

ok! so piss off them! both of you! into your dreamland and leave me alone in my defeat
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24 Aug 2021 16:20 #392437 by Billy Shatine

Nashville woman unable to walk claims Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is to blame

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24 Aug 2021 16:33 #392440 by Billy Shatine

And Here's GOOGLE A great Covid Vaccine Killing and Injury Machine Cover-up of A search engine


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24 Aug 2021 20:34 #392448 by Billy Shatine
HERE IS AN ANSWER FUH YOU TWO SCETCHIM..AND DADDY DO!: notpublicaddress.wordpress.com/2021/08/2...e-a-human-gmo-trial/

The FDA cannot approve a human GMO trial.
AUGUST 24, 2021
Human GMO trials are illegal.

The FDA and Govts pretending they are “vaccines” doesn’t change the facts.

Its not a vaccine. Its not a medicine.

For GMO trial approvals in plants and animals , ( as far as we know this is the first global GMO trial done on human beings) the FDA is suppose to work closely with EPA, (APHIS) and USDA( failed to label it) in the regulation of GMO . The FDA is only one branch of usa GMO regulators and yet from the start they have lied and denied the fact it is a GMO injection trial, then vomited out an approval for it as a “vaccine” . I have been so far unable to find any USA legislation on human GMO trials!

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24 Aug 2021 20:35 #392449 by Billy Shatine
The FDA normal process used to approve drugs for the the injection was not even followed, they dont approve drugs without having animal trials or during a trial.

The FDA approval is not legal (and its certainly not lawful). The FDA’s illegal approval for the human GMO trial and claim it is a “vaccine” should be ignored . Just another part of the big lie, the covid19 psyop .

It is also not gene therapy for the obvious reason no illness or medical condition is due to a lack of GM patented spike proteins( synthetic) from GMO( bacteria) derived GM mrna that then alters normal cells to make them make .
Our bodies do not naturally make (Fauci NIH) patented GM protein. For our health we do not need them.
No disease or medical condition is due to us not having the foreign GM mrna or the synthetic GM spike proteins in our bodies.

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24 Aug 2021 22:17 #392450 by Billy Shatine
You see there is a lot of what we have come to know is truth about the vaccines. from the start we were warned about the Spike Protein and its potential to alter human DNA. now we know that that indeed is the point about the vaccines and the so called pandemic...an attempt, a plan now in action to try to take over society by the rich.

The Covid vaccines have nothing to do with any Pandemic. and as they describe it, it is not even a vaccine at all. it does not protect against the so called virus. and if it has anything to do with Covid it is to ensure that the vaccinated do in fact get the Covid!

and all around the world we get the news of the lack of protection from the 'vaccine'! where it was strong they said it has weakened, so they are talking about booster shots every few months forever. but it is clear that the 'vaccinations;' have no effect on Covid at all. the vaccines are bioweapons and humanity has been attacked with the purpose of the alteration of human DNA to permit easy control of all ordinary people

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25 Aug 2021 18:18 - 25 Aug 2021 18:23 #392508 by Billy Shatine
Dying Children in Australia!

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25 Aug 2021 18:20 - 25 Aug 2021 18:21 #392509 by Billy Shatine
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