Reasons Why Triny dADDY gETS ME tOTALLY oFF kEY!

02 Sep 2021 20:18 #392885 by Billy Shatine
is that wat you read from all I say here on this blog?

oh mi god what the hell am I saying that has this man thinking I say all he repeats. I figured I was speaking english not gibberish. other people appear to understand better what I say and come back for more. Unless it is you they come to read and not me.

I am against the vaccinations because I see them as out of sync with the virus which requires much less than spike protein vaccinations. I see spike protein vaccinations as deliberate policy and an attack on the people of the planet.

I have been all over the issue already and said my piece. I see you and ketchim seriously happy about vaccinations 5 billion of them...as well as vaccine passports in Canada that takes away Canadian freedom and places all the social power in the hands of the rich and the politically powerful

that is what I hope the blog notices about you two. that is crucial in understanding he ow of you crazy people.
there is enough evidence out there in the world that has proved beyond doubt that the vaccines are dangerous, harmful to those who take them, and are a weapon against the ordinary people of the world. as such the both of you have no reason at all to be happy about the vaccines but there you are.

I am fed up with you 2 Pakistani people. by and form the both of you I now have a much better understanding of Pakistani people than previously. and it is not a positive impression but it is not final. no such opinion can ever be final. but I pulled together all I knew previously added up what I have experience here between the 2 of you and what I have come up with is not good...for you and for whatever it matters. I am open and living so we we will see how it goes

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02 Sep 2021 21:25 - 02 Sep 2021 21:29 #392888 by Billy Shatine

5 billion doses and what die he say...nobody has fallen dead and such nonsense
There was a standard that even 1 falling dead from any vaccination they would stop the whole thing and back to the drawing board.

That standard does not apply to the Covid vaxx! Thousands upon thousands have died from the vaxx themselves: While hundreds of thousands, now into the millions have been seriously injured by a brace of diseases and negative effects flowing directly from the Covid vaxx -plural
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03 Sep 2021 09:53 - 03 Sep 2021 10:07 #392920 by TRINI_DADDY
Where are the 5 billion dead bodies, Billy? If the vaccines are designed by Jews (and disseminated with the help of Imran Khan and the "evil Pakistanis"!) to depopulate the earth, where are all the deaths?

You say "thousands have died" (your link claims 13,000 deaths, but has in no way controlled its variables, and so cannot link this conclusively to vaccines), but do you understand that thousands of deaths relative to 5 billion is statistically normal and expected? Do you understand how infinitesimally small that ratio is? Do you understand that small pox vaccines, common flu vaccines, measles, mumps and rubella vaccines, even common creams and drugs, all lead to similar deaths, you just don't notice them because these drugs are consumed at smaller scales?

There are billions of people on the planet, and some will have co-morbidities, and possess variables, and odd traits and circumstances, which statistically must make them die from even the best vaccine. This is normal. And as we get more data, we will get better at avoiding this.

The key issue is that the death rate to vaccines - both real and alleged - is vastly vastly vastly vastly less than the death rate of Covid. You have no facts or data proving otherwise.
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03 Sep 2021 11:05 - 03 Sep 2021 11:09 #392921 by TRINI_DADDY
Billy, your above link mentions VAERS data, but anyone can submit to VAERS and the information there is not verified.

Regardless, I just read all their numbers. Look what happens when you put their numbers in perspective. For example it says there were 92 deaths among 18-29 year olds within 30 days of receiving a COVID vaccine. 55 deaths of these 92 were believed to be healthy individuals. The other 37 deaths were among unhealthy individuals (people with severe to very severe pre-existing conditions). But so far, approximately 25,200,000 Americans aged 18-29 are fully vaccinated against COVID. It is not clear how many of those 92 deaths were caused by the COVID vaccine. To calculate the worst case, I assume all of them were. This would mean there is a worst case of a 1-in-458,000 chance of being killed by a COVID vaccine for a healthy 18-29 year old, or 1-in-273,000 chance for healthy and unhealthy 18-29 year olds combined. Note, this is in the worst case, and the true risk would be much lower.

Compared to this, the mortality rate of COVID for 18-29 year olds is approximately 1 in 19,000. Note, this is not the fatality rate. This is stating that 1 out of every 19,195 Americans aged 18-29 have died of COVID, regardless of whether they’ve had COVID.

The case fatality rate of COVID for 18-29 year olds is - very approximately - 1 in 7,000. This means that 1 out of every 7,000 Americans aged 18-29 who got COVID, actually died.

So, for 18-29 year olds, your chances of death were…

1-in-7,000 chance of death caused by COVID, if you catch COVID

1-in-19,000 chance of death caused by COVID in the pandemic so far, regardless of whether or not you actually caught it

1-in-273,000 chance of death caused by COVID vaccination – at worst – likely much lower.

1-in-458,000 chance of death caused by COVID vaccination if you’re healthy – at worst - likely much lower.

Then I went and checked the odds of a human being getting hit by lightning in America. The odds are 1 in 300,000.

So you are more likely, BASED ON YOUR OWN DATA, to die getting hit by lightning, than from the vaccine.

Based on your own VAERS data (which is unverified data, submitted by anyone), it is far safer for the average person to receive the vaccination than to get COVID. And of course in addition to the clear benefits to your own chances of life, you’re also protecting others. If you are vaccinated , you are 50% less likely to have an asymptomatic covid infection than if you’re unvaccinated.

So again, your own numbers and websites work against your claims.
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03 Sep 2021 16:21 - 03 Sep 2021 16:24 #392936 by Billy Shatine
Your argument is nonsense! You have no proof while there is every indication and actual proof that the vaccinations are dangerous. at best or worse the evidence is not in. The Vaccines are guesswork as to their safety, immediately! currently and long term! They are experimental and all the governments have allowed them to be used as such: EXPERIMENTAL!

yet the governments do not hold Big Pharma as responsible for their vaxx when they cause trouble for those who get the vaccines. no one is responsible for the damage the vaxx do to the public which is horrible while at the same time Big Pharma has received a few trillion dollars for producing the very questionable vaxx

there you have it! There is a terrible long term negative potential of the vaxx due to the engineered 'Spike Protein that they contain. Everybody admits that. Humanity has for the first time come into contact with a new gene...that we ourselves have engineered and put into our own bodies.

no one has to tell you that by the way we know so far about how nature works that this is a pivotal event, one that could easily lead to human extinction all depending on what alterations it makes in our DNA and if nature accepts them or spits them out. what we have done is taken over natures role and engineered ourselves with consequences we do not have a clue of ultimately.

we do not have the capacity to monitor and know all that humans are biologically and all and every interactive potential from and on that basis with any new biological element that we introduce at this point in time. if we did them if we would know also all that the spike protein we made and contains, could do totally in interactive relations with all that's already biologically human..IN THE HUMAN NATRUAL ENVIRONMENT WITH WHICH WE ARE EXISTENTIALLY IN COMPREHENSIVE INTERACTIVE CONTACT WITH, THAT GENERATES CHANGE UPON CHANGE, TRILLIONS OF BITS EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY WE ARE ALIVE.


and that is the shit you talk all the time. 40% of humans vaccinated and there are no dead littering the streets. what do you call the thousand upon thousands who are listed dead from the vaccines? what is the difference between thousand proven dead by vaccines and the streets littered with bodies.

then when you add the hundreds of thousands with injuries what is that littering or not?

But the point is that there are really millions of injured from the vaccines but look at what they are calling injuries! Blood clots, loss of limbs, sterilization of men and women who can never have children again, general heart disease, cancers...the long term consequences of the 'Spike Protein' And there is a lot more that do not readily come back to mind.

None of these can rightly, accurately be described as injury. They are huge life destroying effects of an experimental family of vaccines that humanity has been exposed to by the capitalist elites. the answers that are in all indicate and prove that the vaccines are indeed biological weapons of attack on the people of the world. and that by the general situation that exists nothing can be described as you describe what is going relative to the vaccines. what you say describes you as a bloody ignorant arse licking supplicant of the rich trying to reason away their crime against humanity with these Covid vaccines

The rich are committing crime against the ordinary people of the world. you have no fat in the fire that burns them from his as it develops. None! You are an ordinary man of color in the world, who has been under the existential gun of this very class of people for half a millennia now. By that very long term experience you have absolutely no reason to trust them to spend all your time defending what they have done because there cannot be anything in there done in your interest, for you benefit etc.

By all consideration it could only have been done to kill you, to control you, to establish a social straight jacket on you and all like you, which includes me! to ensure that we could never get out of it which would leave the rich free in perpetuity to own and control the world to do with it as they please free finally of us.

You are a man or color in the world, [perpetual created enemy of he rich who if hey can help it will never ever allow you and such as you and us sever to have a chance to correct that situation.. for any correction means that they must pay for their crime of 500 years in the world. Why would they allow that to happen if the could avoid it? they do not have clue what you could do to them. Why cant/won't they trust your justice as you trust there's right here and now on the vaccination issue?

They wont! They do not do silly, chancy stuff like that. THEY WILL BLOW UP THE WORLD IF THEY ARE GOING TO LOSE!

And that is what they are planning and preparing to do right now..at least a very significant section of them in the American elite, government military etc. Just look at their behavior and see for yourself. they are going to lose and they are trying to get a war going with Russia they know the consequences of. Look at the sake explaining it in the link I put up on that truth thread above

You chat insane shit about the vaccines! utter suicidal nonsense that people must ignore. there is no reason or basis to take the vaccines even if the virus is going to kill you. The vaccines will kill you as well! They are made for that job. So it is better to take you chance with the Virus because there is much you can do to protect yourself without vaccines...like diet change to quality food! no matter how old you are that works! While building up proper health. Add extra vitamin |D, and C and B1. and exercise...don't go overboard but incorporate the essential level of physical movement every day that would keep you fit and healthy

Then of course there are the simple familiar medicines we have always used that now prove effective against Covid that they have banned out. get those and used them as prescribed. There is absolutely no goddamn need for any blasted vaccines for Covid.

It is you and Kechim among the sell out traitorous mob of humans who apparently belong to death cults who wish humanity to die out, to be killed, who join up and pout our reams is stinking stupid illogical arguments like you do to try support vaccinations and all the negative crap they are doing to humanity all over the planet

all you talk above here and everywhere is just jackass nonsense! suicidal claptrap, illogical shit that every sane person should have seen through by now
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03 Sep 2021 18:06 - 03 Sep 2021 18:14 #392940 by TRINI_DADDY
Billy, how long ago did your wife pass away? I mean no offense, and I'm sorry if I'm out of line, but it is known that such horrible tragedies, and the social alienation and uncertainty they cause, push older people toward conspiracy websites.

Did her passing coincide with your interest in these websites? You were always very political and interested in many different topics - and rightly so - but you weren't always this apocalyptic and paranoid, and the sites you visited in the past were generally left wing, not alt-right.. Are you sure this isn't all some kind of coping mechanism?

Anyway, back to the topic. You said the VAERS data proves the vaccine is "killing everyone." You cited this as evidence, but you were wrong. The data says that the odds of dying from the vaccine are less than the odds of dying from a lightning strike.

The reason you are confused about this is because the websites you visit are being very selective on how they present information. They're preying on your gullibility and not placing their numbers in the proper context.

If you have other data proving the vaccines are killing people, then show me the data. Show me the data proving that millions of people are dying to covid vaccines. Show me. There should be FIFTY MILLION dead if this vaccine was just 1 percent deadly. Where are the bodies?

The common contraceptive pill has killed hundreds of people to blood clots, but I don't see you protesting the abolition of the pill. Peanuts and food allergies kill more people than vaccines, are they a Jew plot too?

And you keep talking about BIG PHARMA. But the vaccine Sputnik V was developed by the Russian state. Are the Russians "Big Pharma"? How can you believe the Jews are "manufacturing a war with Russia", whilst simultaneously believing the Russians are "working with the Jews to make a death vaccine"?

Don't you see how contradictory and insane that is?

And of course the Chinese state have their own vaccine. Is China Big Pharma? Surely Russia and China are completely at odds with the major western pharmaceutical companies.

The other big vaccine provider is Bharat Biotech, a recent Indian company. Are they Big Pharma?

Moderna is certainly "Big Pharma", but note that their vaccine was developed in partnership with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which is basically a bunch of pleasant social workers and civil-sector scientists.

Meanwhile The Oxford vaccine was made by a university; that's not Big Pharma.Then you have Cadila Healthcare, an Indian company which makes cheap knock off drugs for poor people and is the chief provider of covid vaccines in India. Cadila Healthcare is "Big Pharma"?

I would only call the Johnson and Johnson and Pfizer vacines "Big Pharma vaccines". But they are just two companies. The rest are a mottled collection of academic institutions, schools, recent start-ups, or state companies (China and Russia) which are at economic war with Big Pharma.

So as always, your conspiracy simplifies reality. It creates cartoon villains out of thin air.

Why would such a collection of different organizations unify to create a death vaccine? This is illogical and unbelievable.
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