The Truth of This Day and Moment!

03 Sep 2021 11:55 - 03 Sep 2021 11:58 #392922 by Billy Shatine
For the multitude of good readers who come here and read my threads! To the best of my ability to do capable research the contents of this lead post is mostly true.


The Author: the Saker! is Russian intellectual living in the USA. I trust him to the extent of honesty to competence. The Saker is competent, efficient and committed to such he is more than less honest in his commentary most times. I have found him otherwise tending to autocracy as he has imposed censorship in his rules for using his important blog- 'The Vineyard of the Saker' - thesaker.is/

As a result I do not post there much anymore as I will not abide by those rules. But I still read his blog about once a week and this week I have found this article by the Saker himself that I find to be utterly useful at this time when the life of the planet hangs by a thread...which few of you here are aware of, filled up with the nonsense of the totally lying western media and silly assholes like Ketchim and Trinni daddy

This here is a really good, topical to the point, an urgent article concerning the planet and our state in it at the moment... hanging by a thread of our own making!!!!

Along with the insane western nations and people especially the former Khazars, a late Russian Tribe masquerading as Jews, dominating the western nations, imposing an insane life on all of us living in the west, a life that now includes Covid 19 so called virus, poisonous vaccines and all manner of medical practises that are consuming the life of western society as we speak. and lies lies and more lies especially currently about that same Covid virus that includes the idiotic contributions of the 2 loudest voices on this board right now those as I said of sketchim and Scat Diddy
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03 Sep 2021 14:04 #392927 by Billy Shatine
More for those who read my posts! More that I think is useful indeed!


A comment by one Tommy A below in response o all that went before him:
"@ Tommy Apeiron
You hit the nail on the head ,until the world addresses the problem of the chosen one’s ,the world will not have peace this Satinec cult has being kicked out from many countries for over a thousand years.
The greatest weapon they have is the manufacturing and use by force of the the US dollar and control over all
other currencies world wide (except Russia,Iran,N. Korea,China ) but using the swift system and Forex market they control
everything.This is the weapon that needs to be removed from them !!!

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