Accurate Human History Begins to Dribble Out

09 Sep 2021 19:59 - 10 Sep 2021 07:06 #393189 by Billy Shatine
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09 Sep 2021 20:46 - 10 Sep 2021 07:01 #393190 by Billy Shatine
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10 Sep 2021 06:46 #393192 by Billy Shatine
I remember reading early that Black people were the first people. then I got the history we all learned about Christopher Columbus, euro expansion and conquest of the planet, slavery, racism and white people as the human fount of everything human.

yet more an more tiny instances of the Black people being the fist always glimpsed through, tiny instances of that fact. and by the time I was 16-17 years old I had enough to make a picture of the world that appeared far more true than what we were taught

Black people were indeed the first people and given that fact there is only one human species by race...ONE!
all Black regardless of skin color. I realized that there were Black people all around the world, everywhere and that they were the base of all and every society. that's right! Black people had long long time moved out of Africa and occupied the entire planet. and all the people alive evolved out of those original migrations or occupations of the land space on Planet Early.

the history we knew was a deliberate concoction to suit those people who had emerged in dominance of our day and time, and it was all a racist divisive lie that facilitated the exploitation of the white elites of their group of humans who had become white skinned.

the decisive factor in the growth of white dominance was the Russian tribe called Khazars who took a Black man's religion- Judaism added the aspect of the Chosen of God to it and began the development of a trend that has come to control the planet. The Khazars found Jesus and made him white, they made he whole Bible white and it was not. the organized the stories in the Bible to suit their plans and interest. the Bible therefore is a fake, plagiarized book, very dangerous if we believe but do not know the truth of it's development

there was a lot more to it in my mind, for example all the Gods in heavens where all the religions located them became nonsense, irrelevant, life was natural, from nature, understandable, could be figure out by research and actual physical proof...which humans had been doing from the start. I tossed all the gods, all religion and came into natural humanity. it worked, all things began to make total sense, I got an immediate sense of how important, crucial individual life is to all alive. it is was all we have and it must be cherished, developed, and all society/culture must be organized and developed to facilitate that task...the task of human development of making human life on earth as solid, secure and safe as possible as we go looking to make it indefinite, even permanent...human life! individual and collective.

I talked openly about all of this and paid a huge price for it. I thought I had done something good, some people called me brilliant but nuts. they did that since I was a kid but that did not stop them from beating the shit out of me. but it was the crazy part I could not handle. then the intellectual/emotional backlash struck and I almost went down for the count. I had believed early. Christianity-Catholicism had embed itself into my soul deeply and it came back just like that. there was no god! I would die and that would be that..no heaven! The END!

no Jesus! No Moses etc. at least they lived but their lives were plagiarized. they were not of god, representatives of on earth. all that I did, had done achieved...studied for first communion and confirmation, kneeling down to receive the brad of the body of Christ on Sunday. they almost got me! it was too deep into my mind to walk away from just like that and it put me down on my back for months, out of my mind, became razor thin and almost dead. there is a picture or 2 somewhere of me on those days, when it was expected that I would die

I did not! I got up and lived ultimately. but I had to give it up..my mind and intellectual activities, my theories about life that seemed obvious to me. I came back to them later, stronger with vigor and greater clarity. and of course lots of revolutionary though and writing and research had developed in the world that was making what I thought not fringe but general information. there it was! and here it is right now...the truth of what I had thought since I was a kid. there is the Black basis of global life right there...everywhere you can go in the world.

In China they were black and its in the ancient artwork and cultural artifacts, in the life, in Chinese culture Its the same in Russia, Iceland, the American continent and in the 'native peoples', they were all Black and that fact survives everywhere but has been effectively hidden to promote the fiction of the white fount of human existence

Freedom of humanity from enslaving elitist lies is here. we are free to come to know our truth on all levels of existence and to make of life what we can become by naturally given, biologically, socially evolving existential human potential. that we must discover fully! and we are well on our way now. we must get elitism out of science and make of science a democratically organized study, its purpose the survival of humanity, he extension of human life to the limits of its potential in nature...our naturally given potential in existence.

we must get existential elitism out of human society period! elitism in not efficient at all: elitist is dangerous human narcissism that hides truth, permits delusional society that is based on and continually promotes collective and organize violence, focused on war and conquest of peoples and nations, the exploitation of humans by humans...and the unconscionable rape of the human environment that is pushing the extinction of the human species, making it a fact of existence when it was never so up to this current time

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10 Sep 2021 09:10 - 10 Sep 2021 09:12 #393195 by Billy Shatine
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10 Sep 2021 12:38 #393219 by TRINI_DADDY
1.While white Europeans did massively "white wash history", it is nonsense to suggest that ancient Russian and Chinese civilizations were "black". You have posted similar lies in the past about Mesoamerican civilizations, which you also have no proof of, and which all modern genetic testing refutes.

2. These "blacks ruled ancient Europe" lies are promoted by Afrocentric racists, who ironically perpetuate a kind of black inferiority complex (the idea that modern blacks are not respected enough, and so have to console themselves with the idea that they once ruled the entire world).

3. Humans only evolved white pigmentation about 28,000 years ago. So EVERYONE before 28,000 years ago was dark brown or black. But were there any human civilizations before the emergence of white mutations? No. The oldest civilizations are in the Middle East and Indus Valley (roughly 13 to 9 thousands years ago), at which point white people had been around for about 15 thousand years.

4. What really happened is this: 2 million years ago, homo erectus (a precursor to homo sapiens) traveled up from Africa and began settling in Europe. Homo erectus is generally agreed to be dark skinned (a very dark brown). They had no social organization, no agriculture, no complex languages or permanent settlements. They had no civilizations.

5. Homo erectus slowly gives way to homo sapiens. Then, 28,000 years ago in Southern Europe and the Middle East, mutations in homo sapiens begin to appear. They increasingly evolve white skin pigmentation as they adapt to colder climates.

6. So from 28,000 years ago onward, Europe is white. But note that there are no "civilizations there". Neither the dark skinned homo erectus millions of years earlier, or their white successors, built any "civilizations". Why? Because they were stupid as hell. Modern agriculture hadn't even been invented. Tribes were tiny and nomadic. They had no tools. They had no complex architecture. There can thus be no "black Europe civilizations" because even black Africa had not started its own agricultural civilizations!

7. Civilizations only started long after whites had already started inhabiting Europe. And most agree they started in Northern Africa, near modern Egypt, roughly 12,000 years ago. It's here where agriculture begins to be practiced, which in turn leads to the evolution of new forms of exploitation (bye bye women's rights, hello organized slavery!), social organization and governance. This civilization wasn't black like afrocentrists like to imply - the people would have looked like a mixture of modern Arabs, Greeks and Sudanese Africans - but they were African.

8. In the Indus Valley (north India/Pakistan), a similar civilization was forming. Genetic testing shows that they would have looked like modern Syrians or Persians. The first farming practices were also leading to the first civilizations in America, but these "mesoamerican" civilizations were not "black". They are more akin to Alaskans and Native American Indians, who arrived in the country not directly from Africa, but by crossing ice bridges linking Europe/Asia to Canada. Again, all modern genetic data confirms this.

9. Slowly, the principles of civilization and agriculture seen in Africa flowed north, up the Mediterranean, and into Europe. Europeans began practicing agriculture, and places like Russia would develop their first cities and then kingdoms in the mid 800s. So the idea that Russian civilization was "black" is nonsense. There were no ancient civilizations (black or otherwise) in Russia. By the time the first cities and kingdoms started appearing there, the dark skinned homo erectus was long extinct, and whites had long been the only people settled there.

10. Pretending that all ancient civilizations were "black", and that the "white man eradicated all black achievements", is such a lazy way to understand history. This obsession ignores actual black achievements, ignores how brutal and indefensible ancient civilizations (black or otherwise) were, and ignores the achievements of different cultures. The Afrocentrist conspiracist would have you believe MesoAmericans were black, or the Shang Dynasty in China was started by blacks, or the first Russian kingdoms were black, something which no serious historian, archeologist, or geneticist believes.

Just because racist Europeans painted Jesus white (if such a figure existed, he would have been dark skinned) because they were deeply racist, doesn't mean the first European Kingdoms were therefore black. That's a massive fallacy.

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