IPhones VS Androids,Their Differences and Similarities

15 Nov 2021 03:55 - 15 Nov 2021 03:56 #394551 by mahmud99
There is a buzz of excitement in the media and telecommunication circle as iPhone and Android users vie for which is the champion in its class when it comes to mobile technology. Looking from a productivity standpoint, both devices do have their differences and similarities. However, depending on the respective categories to which they serve, there is always one that has a competitive edge. We will look at each mobile device in each category of choice to ascertain which one stands out. The areas called to question in this smartphone saga are: Logging in features, taking photos, making calls, managing storage, entertaining users and last but not least, engaging social media.

Logging-in to one's device could be the first test of patience and tolerance since it is the first thing we do prior to using other features of the phone. The iPhones TouchID fingerprinting sensor technology is considered the safest way to allow authorized users access to the device as each fingerprint is unique to each person on the planet. Although Android users have similar technology, iPhones is the true patented leaders when it comes to this feature. In a closers comparison, the Android has a smart screen lock technology that uses face recognition to allow access to the device but often times this proves less secure than the TouchID feature. While this concedes that iPhone is the preferred choice in this category, there might be other features of that the Android users prefer such as making calls.

Now that social distancing becomes the new norm, "Facetime" calls have proven its worth and again, iPhone users are smiling cheek to cheek with this feature. In as much as it preferred in the category, Android users bridge the gap by using other apps such as WhatsApp to connect virtually with their contacts. However, it's not the same as "Facetime." Contrary to the latter, Android technology boast its user-friendly contact-listing feature which is considered superior compared to the iPhone. All contacts are arranged sequentially to recent and most frequent calls. This convenient feature allows for easy retrieval and recollection of calls. However, one would say; "who needs that when you can put a face to a call!"

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