Prominent Guyanese businessman calls for cohesion between Govt, Opposition

28 Feb 2022 10:24 #395463 by chairman
The Government and the Opposition need to work closely together in order to ensure the development of not just Guyana but the Guyanese people as well.
This is according to prominent Guyanese businessman, Nazar Mohamed of Mohamed’s Enterprise.
During a recent interview with Guyana Times, the businessman, who widely known for his philanthropy and humanitarian work across the country as well as in the Guyanese Diaspora, ruled out any aspirations to join the political arena.
However, while he has “absolutely no interest in politics”, Mohamed expressed his desired to see Guyana transformed into a thriving nation with its people living a better quality of life in peace and harmony with each other.
“What I want to see in this country is a cohesion between the two major political parties, between the two major races. I want to see closeness. I want to see us moving beyond this gap, this barrier and work together to develop our country and develop our people in an environment of justice and fairness,” the business mogul explained.
Contrary to popular belief, Mohamed pointed out that he supports all political parties.
According to the businessman, “…that’s our business obligation but I have absolutely no interest in being a politician”.
Nonetheless, Mohamed went on to laud the work of the Dr Irfaan Ali-led Administration for the work they have been doing to propel the country and its people. However, he was particularly in high praises of President Ali’s brainchild initiative – Building a “One Guyana”.
“You can see from everything that he’s been doing, he’s extremely interested in having this ‘One Guyana’,” he asserted.
Moreover, the businessman also commended First Lady Arya Ali for the work she has also been doing to match the President’s drive to enhance the quality of life in Guyana.
“She has a lot of energy just like President Ali and I’m confident that together, and with the cooperation of the Opposition – [when] we have a new Opposition Leader – because I think times have changed [and it’s now] for us to move away from ‘one party’ kind of politics, where we can work together for the benefit and the betterment of the people of this country,” Mohamed posited.

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