England destroyed west indies cricket

02 Jan 2021 07:31 #387689 by chairman
Part of the reason for the demise of West Indies cricket is simple. England no longer offers a finishing school for its cricketers.. After several beatings at the hands of the WI the ECB decided that enough was enough. Take a look at that list below to see what I mean.

Richards: Somerset
Greenidge: Hampshire
Garner: Somerset
Hooper: Kent
Benjamin: Leicestershire
Holding: Derby
Marshall: Hampshire
Ambrose: Northants
Lloyds: Lancashire
Walsh: Gloucester
Lara: Warickshire
Roberts: Hampshire
Stephenson: Northants
Wayne Daniel : Middlesex
Sylvester Clarke: Surrey

And many more...

The main difference between these guys and the present crop is that they played cricket every day. It was their job, If they couldn't cut it their contracts were not renewed...

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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02 Jan 2021 10:31 - 02 Jan 2021 10:36 #387696 by ketchim

chairman wrote: . Take a look at that list below to see what I mean.
Lara: Warickshire

In a tortured 1982 season, when they usually had to sit and suffer, Warwickshire's followers could at least take comfort

from the disciplined brilliance of ALVIN ISAAC KALLICHARRAN.

The little West Indian left-hander was the only batsman on the county circuit to score 2,000 first-class runs

hitting three double-centuries and five other hundreds in the Schweppes Championship.

He also played one great innings in limited-overs cricket, his 141 not out against Somerset at Taunton

securing a shock NatWest Trophy quarter-final success.

One shot in this innings will be particularly treasured by those who saw it.

When the 6ft 8in Joel Garner came round the wicket to bounce one at him :

5ft 5in Kallicharran, perfectly positioned, hooked his towering adversary

high over square leg for 6 with stunning power.
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