Blackwood says Test players raring to go, as first match looms

28 Jan 2021 13:31 #388774 by chairman
LEADING West Indies Test batsman Jermaine Blackwood is giving full confidence to his players ahead of the series which bowls off in a few days, adding that some advice from Virat Kohli has further helped him tremendously as a player.
The Jamaican, who topped West Indies Test run charts during the plagued 2020, spoke virtually following yesterday’s session, where he outlined that one key aspect of the Test encounter is the pitch conditions, which proved to be the Windies undoing in the One Day International (ODI) series.
“These types of surfaces are very slow so I have to be prepared mentally, because technically I can’t do too much work right now. But mentally I know it is going to be very slow and it will spin. Once mentally I am ready, I am good. Then everything takes care of itself,” said the batsman.
A top performer in the Test series against England, New Zealand and now with sights set on Bangladesh, he has been the most consistent batter with regard to his scoring and conversion of fifties to hundreds.

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28 Jan 2021 17:32 #388775 by ketchim
Wow ! Shiv holds the record for Crease Occupation
and Kohli learn from Shiv !

Shiv faced a record 1,051 deliveries (more than 175 overs)
without surrendering his wicket in a 2002 series against India
suggests skill rather than self-indulgence.
A batting record for Crease occupation ~

And Shiv batted for over 1,000 minutes 4 times

...the only batsman to do so as well !

These Neemak-Harams don't even know this lol

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30 Jan 2021 15:36 - 30 Jan 2021 15:38 #388787 by ketchim
Memo to this Yardie :

Raring ? ....more like Rear End ....hahahahaha

a serious cut arse OR cut rass soon come !

and that sell out Selector Guyanese Roger Harper !

Justice for Permaul

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