Sanasie addresses CWI presidential bid

04 Mar 2021 08:17 #389382 by watah
“I served with three Presidents. And every one of them have their unique way of doing things. But over the past two years, I felt that the organisation itself became too centralised in Antigua, to the detriment of the territorial boards, who are the shareholders. I do not think that recent business decisions taken were the wise ones, to take us forward. I’m not seeing new revenue streams been established that can really take us out of the hole that we were in,” Sanasie said, in sharing in brief reasons for his decision to run.

He continued, “I remember the current incumbent usually, when he wasn’t there, would say just check what Guyana is doing and replicate some of that. We don’t hear that these days. But despite our challenges here, we have done reasonably well. And I think that there is enough expertise in the Region, to get it done by ourselves, and we just not doing it.”

When probed about what he brings to the regional cricket table, Sanasie shared that a business-like approach is needed.

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10 Mar 2021 08:55 #389465 by chairman
Anand Sanassie couldn't even amicably run cricket in Guyana. How will he work with people from across the West Indies?

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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