President Ali slams cricket organisers at Everest over covid breach!

08 Mar 2021 12:59 #389450 by chairman

Recognising that COVID-19 guidelines were not being observed at a T20 softball competition at the Everest Cricket Club yesterday, President Irfaan Ali chided organisers and representatives of the club.

Ali, who had agreed to be the patron of the T20 softball competition, was given the assurance that all systems would be in place to adhere to strict COVID-19 protocols on and off-field, a release from the Office of the President said.

Upon arriving at the game, which was in its final innings, he observed that spectators, representatives of the club and organisers were not wearing masks. Furthermore there was no social distancing in the crowd. Since the COVID pandemic surfaced here last March, 201 persons have died from the virus.

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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08 Mar 2021 13:37 #389451 by watah
Who really cares about others in Guyana ? Some seem not to care about themselves - they commit murders and suicides regularly.

The government has already done its job to sensitize the Guyanese public about wearing Masks, social distancing and the frequent washing of hands, etc.

There are still too many people who do not worry about the Pandemic.

Consequently, those who contract the Disease from April, 1st 2021 should be made to pay for their treatment and hospitalization, unless they can prove that they were unknowingly infected by the Virus !

On April, 2nd there will mask wearers galore in Guyana !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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