PNC post-election legacy lives on

OVER the past week, Guyana went to hell and back, having survived the travesty of a distorted absurdity that Guyanese were hoping would not emerge with its ugly face so quickly (at least not until another five years perhaps, if at all). But the dream was short-lived and as they say, “the rest is history.” Having imbibed on the regular week-end inhibitions, a sobered society is waking up to the stark reality that Guyana had traversed an unwanted path; they have indulged in an embarrassing engagement that has deepened a shame; encouraged, induced and enticed by a couple of false leaders whose deceptive methods have harmed the pure relationships that they had previously enjoyed with their neighbours, regardless of political affiliation; and now, they are burdened with atonement and know not the path to relieve a guilty conscience. Granger, Harmon and Gladston Henry read the same Bible, but they do not see Jesus Christ, “eyeball to eyeball.”
(Bloomberg) — President Donald Trump took aim at people protesting racism and police brutality, saying they are “just looking for trouble.” “They’re not protesters,” Trump said at a rally at the airport in Manchester, New Hampshire, last month. “Those are anarchists, they’re agitators, they’re rioters, they’re looters.” Sounds familiar? Guyana is well known as copycats; ask Dave Martin, he gon say, “The Tradewinds told yu so.” “Black Lives Matter” quickly (rightly) adopted its place in Guyana, the only difference is that coloureds are the majority in Guyana, not white and, Afro Guyanese dominate 90 per cent of the Public Service employment.

I am sure Guyanese are alerted to the new trend in America since the 19th 911 observance i.e., “Blue Lives Matter.” How soon Guyanese? At the last Republic National Convention, the convention tried to sell a version of Trump a lot of Americans don’t recognise. Volda Lawrence was quickly recognised at the Ashmin Building during her outburst at the Mingo fiasco, but in Berbice last week? A lot of Guyanese didn’t recognise the character who presented a carefully worded persuasion that articulated a circumambulated transformation! It was showtime for a cat and dog spar to flex the muscle. Is someone nursing a wound?

Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon on Thursday condemned President Irfaan Ali’s claims that protesters against the killing of three youths had also raped innocent people. “There are no known police reports of any rape associated with recent protest actions. Yet Mr. Ali, in his statement, among other charges, said ‘raping people’s children has nothing to do with justice.’ What rape Mr. Ali? This is a figment of your speechwriter’s imagination,” Mr Harmon said. Shortly afterwards, the President’s office did correct and adjust the issue that belonged to a prior period when the subject matter had occurred.

Past President David Granger on Monday attributed the killing and mutilation of two youths at the weekend to the People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) failure to condemn post-elections unrest in West Berbice earlier this year, but President Irfaan Ali and Vice-president Bharrat Jagdeo denied his claims.

“It is their attitude! If on the 6th of March, they had condemned what happened here on the West Coast Berbice — the stoning of the school buses and the vandalism that occurred — this would not have occurred, but they are sending a message that sort of behaviour is normal; they could do it again and again,” he said. Mr. Granger lauded the residents for sending a message that “we are not going to put up with this nonsense.

” But VP Bharrat Jagdeo was quick to respond, saying, “This is a politician who has failed to do anything in five years to improve relations and Mr Granger doesn’t read much because [if] he were to go now to look at the party’s (PPP) Facebook page, you would see a condemnation of the bus incident on the party’s page. I personally approved that and put it on the party’s page.” To date, there has not been any retort from the sheltered visitor. Ever heard the story of two bald men wrangling over a comb? Mr. Granger must have been imbibing in mental telepathy with a prognosis that spelled his parliamentary isolation in the near future, and his political exclusion in a limited autonomy. His power extinction is a quick retreat through the back door in a quiet and subtle manner and in a slow, metamorphosed process. As a tired and beaten person, he is an affront to his family’s dignity and should be encouraged to draw the curtains and bow to the call of a sedated life style.

One of the die-hard and old fateful of the PNC had said, “To those advocating exclusion of others from involvement in the nation’s management and decision-making, on whatever pretext, such action is not only promoting discrimination and alienation of sections of society, but could eventually lead to destabilisation and social unrest.” This pre-meditated threat did materialise and Berbice did burn; this being another proof that the legacy of a PNC’s unfavourable post-elections result was brought forward and will be carried forward. “Big Jail” is about to re-open for the Christmas semester, but the “Headmaster” will be in school on the 17-18th September. Watch how all dem schoolchildren gon be on them Ps and Qs with dem mouth and tails yu know where!
Jai Lall

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