President Ali loses nothing by reaching across political divide

It is okay to give someone or a group of people compliments at times. But continuously pandering to people is unhealthy as it boosts their ego and diminishes your self-esteem. 

Such a relationship whereby you need to pander to people is not a healthy relationship as it leaves you feeling drained and exhausted while portraying to those being pandered to that they, and they alone are the important ones. 

A healthy relationship is one whereby there is trust, mutual understanding and mutual respect.

Which brings us to the topic at hand: dialogue between President Irfaan Ali and main Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon.

Even though Joseph Harmon refuses to acknowledge the locally and internationally recognised PPP/C Government of President Irfaan Ali it is up to President Irfaan Ali to reach across and heal the rift as Irfaan Ali is President of all Guyanese including Joseph Harmon.

President Irfaan Ali loses nothing by reaching across the political divide. Reaching across the political divide is not pandering.

It is clear from his actions that Joseph Harmon erroneously believes that it is foreign powers that put the PPP/C in Government and as such he disrespects the majority of Guyanese voters.

There is a lot of work to be done to heal the ongoing rift in Guyana’s politics.

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