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The PPP currently has a strong position in Parliament

The PPP currently has a strong position in Parliament after the unsuccessful election rigging fiasco. The party has shown that, over the years, it has made more good decisions than bad ones. It is to be seen what the future holds. The slim majority which it enjoys in Parliament can only be maintained by making the best long-term decisions for the country.
The recent forum on the gas-to-shore project, the calls for renegotiation of the oil contracts, the questions raised around the Amaila Falls project, the dangers of the manganese mining project, and the other questionable investments yet to be made will significantly influence the next election.

Even with a weakening PNC, a weakening WPA and a weaker Coalition opposition, we must keep in mind that a third-party alternative does continue to exist and grow in strength, especially after the recent nationwide flooding. The slim margin of victory during the last election does not allow for major mistakes in governance. Every dollar invested counts, and transparency in the level of returns earned or to be earned is essential.
GuySuCo and NICIL are being closely watched for future success, as well as the bauxite industry. Growth in the non-energy sector will drive job growth, and the unemployment rate must reflect good decision-making. Violence and crime continue to be on the rise, and our people look forward to stronger leadership to eliminate corruption in office and reduce crime to the minimum.
The PPP has a great opportunity before it to make a significant and lasting impact on our society. We must all guard against temptation in office, and ensure the people’s needs remain the top priority in all decision-making. I look forward to the Parliament ensuring that the next several years will be a success for both the constituencies of their respective parties and the independent-minded voters in our society.

APNU/AFC had no time for ordinary people
In just 1 year Guyana Govt has done much

Guyana Diaspora Forum

We have a large database of Guyanese worldwide.  Most of our readers are in the USA, Canada, and the UK.  Our Blog and Newsletter  would not only carry  articles and videos on Guyana, but also other articles on a wide range of subjects that may be of interest to our readers in over 200 countries, many of them non-Guyanese  We hope that you like our selections.

It is estimated that over one million Guyanese, when counting their dependents, live outside of Guyana.  This exceeds the population of Guyana, which is now about 750,000.  Many left early in the 50’s and 60’s while others went with the next wave in the 70’s and 80’s.  The latest wave left over the last 20 years. This outflow of Guyanese, therefore, covers some three generations. This outflow still continues today, where over 80 % of U.G. graduates now leave after graduating.  We hope this changes, and soon.

Guyanese, like most others, try to keep their culture and pass it on to their children and grandchildren.  The problem has been that many Guyanese have not looked back, or if they did it was only fleetingly.  This means that the younger generations and those who left at an early age know very little about Guyana since many have not visited the country.  Also, if they do get information about Guyana, it is usually negative and thus the cycle of non-interest is cultivated.

This Guyana Diaspora Online Forum , along with its monthly newsletter, aims at bringing Guyanese together to support positive news, increase travel and tourism in Guyana and, in general, foster the birth of a new Guyana, which has already begun notwithstanding the negative news that grabs the headlines.  As the editor and manager of the publication, I am committed to delivering Blog entries and Newsletters that are politically balanced, and focused on the positive ideas we wish to share and foster among Guyanese.

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