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Mingo must reveal authors of electoral fraud

I HUMBLY seek space in your publication to make a few points about what may be the most topical issue in Guyana’s political circle, that is, the blatant attempts between March 2, 2020 and August 2, 2020 to rig an election in full view of the world. Editor, I see a lot of folks are trying to sell the narrative that the arrest of Region Four Returnin
  There is much support for President Ali in the diaspora on the review of the Payara FDP and for renegotiation of the oil contract. However, it is very difficult, though not impossible, to break a contract with a multinational corporation (MNC). Breaking a contract is fraught with serious consequences, some of which are geo-political. Anyone
The unfortunate reality is that ExxonMobil is talking from a position of declining financial fortunes, while Guyana is talking from a position of plain misfortune. Guyana is in the weaker bargaining position to renegotiate with ExxonMobil. As of Tuesday, August 25, ExxonMobil is no longer a member of the Dow Jones International Average, which is a
By Stabroek News– August 23, 2020 – EDITORIAL There has been no term more tossed about in the political sphere in recent times than ‘shared governance’, by which is more properly meant ‘shared executive governance’. It has been trumpeted as the panacea for all our constitutional ills, which will reduce if not eliminate the political cum ethnic
Entering the fourth week of its term and with an emergency budget for 2020 pending, the PPP/C administration has crucial decisions to make on the oil and gas sector and little time to do so. It has already made missteps in the way it has handled the review of matters pertaining to the Field Development Plan (FDP) for Payara  which is to be the
It has been drawn to my attention that my predecessor, Basil Williams, is contending that the passage of the No-Confidence Motion prevented the appointment of the Commissioners of the Law Reform Commission (LRC).This must be a joke.The Coalition Government never considered itself restrained in exercising Executive powers of a Government, as it shou
Your Excellency, Your inaugural speech was justifiably loud in praise for the Caribbean Community.  So was your reaffirmation of Guyana’s commitment to this indispensable Caribbean institution.  In doing this, you demonstrated continuity.  You reaffirmed commitment to an institution for which Guyana has proud and solid relations.&nbs
I find yesterday’s Stabroek News report that the Guyana EPA will be taking Exxon to court for the failure to pay fines of US$2,600 for 3 small oil spills to be very troubling. People of Guyana, do you believe this nonsense? Things like these are why the Oil and Gas Network (OGGN – has been advocating that President Ali and the Guyana
I have been observing the Guyana 2020 electoral process and trying to understand the corrupt acts being perpetrated on the people of Guyana by some of those who have power. I am aware that electoral fraud is not unusual and it generally becomes a case of “who blinks first.” But what is currently happening in Guyana has me disturbed. It has been ver
Guyana’s Bright Future Is Under Threat Guyana may soon find itself in a similar situation to Venezuela — a target of economic sanctions, with a government not recognized as legitimate by the international community.By Michael Unbehauen Georgetown, Guyana, 8/10/2015 © Matyas Rehak / Shutterstock After discovering massive oil reserves in the past fiv
I once again congratulate His Excellency the President, Dr. Irfaan Ali, and the PPP/C, on their success at the March 2020 elections. Indeed, this has been a victory for our fledgling democracy, as this election cycle has amplified the extensive weaknesses within the institutions which manage our democracy. It is only because of the basic integrity
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